Forward Testing

Any strategies I’m currently looking into are being forward tested on a demo account and the results posted below.

VIX S&P500 Long-only Strategy

Current Balance: £10,586.77 (+5.86%)

DateOpenStopStop PipsTgtTgt PipsRRAcc RskCloseFnl PipsDays HeldGross P&L (£)Comment
15 Jun 20172420240911024442402.181.5%24442403120.00* Looks very toppy
17 May 201723802342380241838012%23042008190.00* Big stop so targetted min RR (1x)
10 Apr 20172346231531023803401.091.55%2380.034015170.00Doubled long position
28 Mar 20172340231525023804001.60.6%2380.040020200.00Like the entry
13 Mar 20172367.72349.018724003231.720.9%2349.0-1878-93.50Prior high target
28 Feb 20172362.4233626424003761.421.4%2400.23781189.00Round number target
15 Feb 20172324.02292132 2371186 1.40.7% N/AN/AN/A0.00Didn't trigger
31 Jan 20172278.12252.425723032490.951.28%2302.924910121.70Prior high target

Starting Balance: £10,000.00