EURCAD Short – 27 Mar 17

Account Risk: 0.6%
Short: 1.4467
Stop: 1.4506 (39 pips)
Target: 1.4320, 4H 100MA (191 pips, RR 4.3x)
Mindset: Feeling OK, a little nervous

Update – Stopped out – 27 Mar

Thought I’d give this one another try, price didn’t make it down to the 50MA on the previous set up and another set up has materialised. I’ve got a decent enough entry to place another short again too.

EURCAD 4H Chart – 27 Mar

Update – Stopped out – 27 Mar

Wow same thing happened again – it didn’t take 30 mins, this time it took a few hours to stop me out. I moved my stop a little higher (to 1.4511, 0.7% total account risk) to protect myself from the MA but it’s still gone higher anyway – not a terrible remove in retrospect.

The Euro has been on one hell of a run today, but with the gap and the dollar setting up for more upside, I wonder if it’ll reverse tomorrow?

The EURCAD isn’t a valid set up anymore but the EURUSD is, however surely everyone is getting short the Euro now? So it’ll probably be another stop out?

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