Gold DST Long – 3 May

Acc Risk: 0.55%
Long: 1254.5
Stop: 1251.1 (34 pips)
Target: 1268.0 (57 pips, 4h50, 1.67 RR)
Mindset: Feeling positive. Quite like the set up on this.

Spotted this divergence into the 4h200. Decided to take it because the divergence coincided with a test around the 4h200 and a daily trendline. Price was also near a w20. The RR wasn’t great, but my mind has been on trading the set up (even if it was reluctantly!)

4H Chart – set up and stop out!

XAUUSD 4H Chart – 3 May

I got stopped out of this trade pretty quickly – by lunchtime price was moving down and stopped me out.

Catching up – 5 May

This trade didn’t work out so well for me – shame because it was technically very neat. Here’s the daily chart and the weekly chart just touched the w20.

XAUUSD D Chart – 3 May

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