CADJPY DST Long – 5 Apr 2017

Acc Risk: 0.35%
Long: 82.334
Stop: 81.900 (43 pips)
Target: 83.457 (4h100, 112 pips, 2.61 RR)

Update – Another mistake, forgot to cancel my order – 5 Apr

I’ve been watching the ¥ pairs quite closely as they are all setting up to the long side. I’ve left the GBPJPY alone for now; the tight range price action is confusing me, we’re also close to a major daily low, so feel it would be prudent to wait for that to be tested (hopefully with a divergence).

The price action at the moment on the CADJPY has set up a nice long. I had to set a market order to get in as price has headed higher but hopefully I’ll get a fill. I’ve only put in a half position as I have my eye on the EURJPY too. I think that might have better targets.

Again didn’t get a screenshot of the set up! Annoying.

Update – Another mistake, forgot to cancel my order – 5 Apr

So I got that fill !

Price has hit the 4h50 and I should’ve cancelled my order! But I forgot it was on and it got triggered – so I am long the CADJPY whether I wanted to be or not. Got my entry at 82.350. The chart still looks pretty good although the divergence isn’t there. However there’s some good upside targets as the 4h100 has been tested previously.

For now it looks ok to me.

CADJPY 4H Chart – 6 Apr

More bad discipline though! Being honest I’m trying to do too much and not prioritising my scans and managing my trades.

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