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USDJPY DST Short – 25 Oct 17

Acc Risk: 0.7%
Short: 113.85
Stop: 114.32 (47 pips)
Target: 113.00 (85 pips, 4h50, 1.8x RR)


Stopped out, regular price action! – 27 Oct 17

Spotted this 4H short that looked ok but I think I’m regretting now! The daily divergence is close but not quite there, we haven’t broken the daily highs yet, but we are very close. So I probably should’ve waited for that. Plus the weekly trendline going back to mid 2015 is very near. But the setup is a double divergence on the 4h.

Also, I’ve been monitoring the CCY indexes and the DXY looks to be diverging short and the JXY looks to be diverging to the long side.

DXY Daily Chart

DXY 4H Chart

Not quite diverging but close, clutching at straws?

JXY Daily Chart

JXY 4H Chart

4h chart – set up

1h chart – confirmation

Daily chart

Weekly chart

Monthly chart

Stopped out, regular price action! – 27 Oct 17

Feel kinda stupid about this, wasn’t a great trade, should’ve at least downsized given the circumstance. I will wait for the CPI news and a touch before getting in again.

USDJPY 4H Chart – 27 Oct 17

USDJPY DST Short – 27 Sep 17

Acc Risk: 0.7%
Short: 112.85
Stop: 113.33 (48 pips)
Target: 111.00 (185 pips, 4h500, 3.85x RR)
Mindset: Optimistic


Stopped out on NFP results

I’ve triangulated this trade in with the CADJPY and USDCAD. CADJPY I’m already short, USDCAD is into a reversal zone so therefore I should be short this divergence on the USDJPY. Let’s see how it plays out.

4H Chart

USDJPY 4H Chart – 27 Sep 17

Daily Chart

USDJPY Daily Chart – 27 Sep 17

Weekly Chart

USDJPY Weekly Chart – 27 Sep 17

Monthly Chart

USDJPY Monthly Chart – 27 Sep 17

Stopped out on NFP results

I’m fine about being stopped out – I knew it was coming – I should probably get smarter about my stops. The reversal, if it sticks, seems quite predictable. Dollar index is diverging as it ran into the 4h500 and the Yen index is bouncing off a lower daily trendline. I’ve set a couple of alerts looking for a re-entry inside the bands.


USDJPY 4H Chart – 06 Oct 17

DXY 4H Chart

DXY 4H Chart – 6 Oct 17

JXY Daily Chart

JXY Daily Chart – 6 Oct 17

Annoyingly this divergence has crossed the bands and doesn’t look like it’s going to retrace. 😐