Monthly Review – July 2017

Starting balance: £6,875.86
Target return: £240.65 (3.5%)
Actual return: £91.65 ( 1.33% )
Win rate: 50%
Closing balance: £6,967.51

I feel this month went better than it might look above. The win rate was solid enough but unfortunately, even though I made pips, the position sizing on my winning trades couldn’t be as large as I’d like. Spikes high often meant I had to downsize my positions.

The strategy took a beating this month with lots of losers (although it still made pips!) but I managed to dodge most of the losing trades. I also had a week’s holiday at the end of the month which surprise surprise was when a few winners started to set up.

The biggest limitation again is my routine. This is an excuse; but with the house renovations going on and builders needing things done or sourced, we’re working on the house until 1am most nights, on top of work I’m totally wrecked. If I recline my chair too much, I’m asleep 🙂

I can’t really see this situation changing until October time, so hopefully only another month or two and we’ll be in a more predictable place.

This is what my goals were for this month.

July’s Goals

Here are the goals I set myself at the start of the month.

  • 40% win rate – Success
  • Achieve a 3.5% profit month

Daily performance

The strategy took a beating this month, mainly due to trending markets. I was lucky to dodge these set ups.

All SignalsWin Loss %Signals TakenWin Loss %
Still live00%00%
Total Signals9-0-
Total Pips -761-0-

4H performance

Not a great set of figures for the strategy or me, but I did out-perform the win rate!

All signalsWin Loss %Signals with ConfirmationWin Loss %Signals TakenWin Loss %
Still live35.8%25.2%00%
Not triggered 00%00%00%
Total Signals 51-39-8-
Total Pips 530-689-205-

July trade log

#DateStgyMktPosAcc RskOpenStopStp PipsTgtTgt PipsR:RCloseFnl PipsFnl R:RDaysP&L (£)
6030 Jun 17DSTUSDCADLong0.45%1.29741.2941341.318120661.2941-34-15-25.92
6130 Jun 17DSTNZDUSDShort0.45%0.73170.7354360.71591584.30.7275421.16636.54
6205 Jul 17DSTUSDCADLong0.45%1.29491.2907421.31562074.921.2904-45-12-35.91
6310 Jul 17DSTAUDCADLong0.45%0.97900.9767230.99681787.730.9868783.4269.79
6411 Jul 17DSTGoldLong0.45%1210.41204.1631230.31993.1512211061.68252.17
6513 Jul 17DSTCADJPYShort0.5%88.7789.396284.604186.7489.39-62-113-41.00
6617 Jul 17DSTUSDCADLong0.5%1.26551.2635221.28301757.951.2635-22-11-33.15
6728 Jul 17DSTCADJPYShort0.6%88.9589.778286.762012.587.531421.73769.13

Goals next month

After talking with Charlie we agreed that aiming for an amount of money is the wrong goal to aim for. (Forcing your will on to the market.) Best to focus on process and let the stats decide, however upping my position size will help me get closer to my target sooner.

  • Maintain a 40% win rate
  • Achieve a 3.5% profit month
  • Log all my missed trades with reasons why I didn’t take them
  • Up my position size to 0.75%

Daily goal

Do at least one scan a day.

Other things to cover with Charlie

  • Missed trade log
  • Killer trends in USDCAD & CADJPY
  • GBPUSD trades – getting stopped out
  • UK100GBP set up near misses – take anyway?

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